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Ergonomic Tool Balancer for a Mobile Laser Cleaning

Laserax needed to design an ergonomic solution that would be commercially available for a wide range of onsite laser cleaning applications. They had to find a way to maintain a fairly constant distance between the laser head and the part to be cleaned. They wanted to reduce the torsion motion and the weight supported by the operator to a minimum.
The 3arm® Series 3 exceeded all their design requirements. It has mechanical and pneumatic brakes that help to position the laser head at an optimal distance. It enables the back-and-forth motion required to thoroughly clean the metallic surfaces from rust, paint and other contaminants. Their design engineers have added an attachment that provides a supplementary degree of freedom to the 3arm® Series 3, offering even more flexibility for the mobile laser cleaning system.
Most handheld laser cleaners have to make a compromise between the power of the laser and its weight. Thanks to 3arm Series 3 ergonomic assist arm, operators can use Laserax's high power mobile laser cleaner all day without excessive strain or fatigue. 
Laserax is a manufacturer of laser marking and laser cleaning systems
Mobile laser cleaning system