Barcelona European Center of Research and Innovation

Manipulator M5

Being the lightest portable manipulator with various quick change gripping systems (jaws, vacuum or magnet), the operator can work in excellent ergonomic and safety conditions while gaining an increase in productivity.

A manually controlled load manipulating device has a swinging parallelogram structure balanced by a gas spring and a pneumatic cylinder, together with a radial arm. The two together hold the gripper head and keep it perpendicular to the work area. They are equipped with a wide variety of configurations to move product to and from conveyors, assembly lines, machine tools and much more up to 50 kg with total safety.

  • Weight to handle From 0 up to 50Kg
  • Radius working area 1.650 mm + usable
  • Vertical stroke 707 mm
  • Gripping tools Clamp, Magnet, Vacuum, Customized
  • Materials Structure Steel and Aluminum
  • Headmember Horitzontal, Revolving, Rotating, Vertical
  • Handles Handle-Joystick, Vertical
  • Weight 39 kg
  • Air pressure 0.8 Mpa
  • Max. instantaneous consumption 515 dm3/min
  • Safety devices Bi-manual control, failure air supply
  • Mounting options Top & bottom mount 
  • Ambient temperature 15-45 ºC
  • Movements Base axis: 360º
  • Intermit Axis: +-180º
  • Headmember Axis: +-90º

Technical suport