Barcelona European Center of Research and Innovation

Series 0

This ergonomic arm permits to be used in the hardest working conditions and to deal with the most difficult operations. The Series 0 single tilt arm is able to hold tools up to 35 kg/ 77 Ibs

Consisting of a single tilting arm that can rotate 360º degrees around itself. This compact version offers a great versatility for any type of tool. 
The maximum reach of 925mm facilitates the user to work in hard to reach areas with a comfortable, fast and safe way. 
The big range of headmembers options permits offer solutions for all kind of tools and devices up to 35kg / 77 lbs. Ideal for impact wrench, nut runners grinders, magnet drills, scanners, welding tools, hammers etc...
  • Weight Range: 0 – 35 kg / 77 lbs.
  • Maximum Radius: 925 mm / 36.4” + headmember selected.
  • Vertical Distance: 1070 mm /  42”
  • Engineered for BOTTOM, TOP (Ceiling) or WALL Mount
  • Lock on Brakes option: AVAILABLE in Manual and Pneumatic system
  • Arm weight: 7 kg / 15.5 lbs. .
  • Handling resistance: 0,5 kg / 1,1 lbs.
  • Manufactured in Aluminum Cast and Duraluminum.

Technical suport